Pulsing with heady basslines and powerful, quickfire vocals, ‘Qhawe’ is the latest single setting out Toya Delazy as a pioneering artist, bringing her distinct ‘Afro-rave’ music to the world. We caught up with the East London South African MC to talk five tracks that have influenced her.

Following on from the incredible ‘Funani’ last autumn, ‘Qhawe’ sees East London-based Delazy step up the heat even more, teaming up with producers Raf Riley and JOY (Anonymous) for a blistering fusion of squelching club beats and Delazy’s sharp vocals sung in Zulu, her native tongue. The track’s title means “be strong warrior” and Delazy wrote ‘Qhawe’ after her grandmother’s passing. In processing this loss Delazy found empowerment in meditating and reconnecting with her heritage. Speaking on the track she says “This track is a rallying call to my fellow humans to be your own warrior, brace yourself and hold your ground, because that’s what changed my course. By rapping in my native tongue – Zulu – I’m practicing what I preach by being myself and not conforming to current musical norms”.
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